Building a LoRaWAN gateway

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We have designed our own LoRaWAN Gateway add-on Hat for the Raspberry Pi that enables a full 8 channel gateway to be created quickly and connect to The Things Network. The gateway is based on the RAKWireless RAK833 LoRa concentrator module. This is a mPCIe card and requires an adaptor to use. It is available […]

MultiTech mDot Programming

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To program the MultiTech System mDot module currently requires a fairly expensive development board. The dev board also includes space for developing additional hardware using Arduino shields. For reprogramming a mDot built into other hardware or individually it is possible to do this using the ST-LINK/V2-1 debugger/programmer from a ST Micro Nucleo-F411RE which is currently […]

Designing sensors

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Following on from the development of the ENV-Board as it is now called, we are working with Herelab to develop the range of application based sensor solutions. We have a number of target applications that the board has been designed to be used for, these include: By Application: Agriculture – Monitoring greenhouse conditions Aquaculture – […]

The Transformer of the IoT world

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Thing Innovations recently spent a few days on the island of Martha’s Vineyard working with Herelab on the design of a new LoRaWAN sensor platform. This device can only be described as a Transformer of the IoT world. The device will be available in kit-form and feature plug in modules including display, bluetooth and sensors […]

Microchip LoRaWAN Modules first to pass LoRa Alliance Certification

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Microchip’s LoRa® Wireless Module is World’s First to Pass LoRa Alliance Certification, according to their Microchip Press release. This is great news for us at ThingInnovations as we are already developing products using the Microchip RN2483 LoRaWAN Module. Our first breakout PCB is already available and being used in prototyping designs for long-range sensors. We […]

Creating an open IoT Network

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Following on from out last post Building a Low Power Wide Area Network we have joined in setting up a community to promote and develop IoT and Smart City solutions for my local area. The community we have initiated is Our near neighbours Reading have started their community The two community initiators […]

Building a Low Power Wide Area Network

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At Thing Innovations we’re currently developing a Low Power Wide Area Networking (LPWAN) solution based on LoRa Long Range technology. The equipment being used in the project is from MultiTech Systems as this was seen to offer a number of key components that fitted with Thing Innovations design ideas and goals. Gateway The gateway is […]

Developing an IoT Security solution

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Security in low powered IoT devices is something that sounds like its going to be difficult to implement with the limitations of flash, memory and processing power. This is now possible if you move the crypto processing to a dedicated chip such as the Atmel ATECC508A. The work being done here is based on the excellent work […]

Welcome to Thing Innovations

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Thing Innovations is a small consultancy based in West Berkshire, England, offering design and development services for a range of Internet of Things and wireless sensor products. We are not tied to any particular technology and will use the best and most suitable devices and technologies for a given project. We have experience in both […]